Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) helps you maintain a set following-interval on the highway, so you don't have to manually change your speed. *

I hear you. You see someone ride by (or your doc suggests that you need to be more active) and you stop by your local bike shop.
Their cheapest one is $850 (or somewhere around there!)

If we face facts, it’s likely that you’ve already spent good money on a transmission you’d otherwise like to keep. Take for instance the four-speed automatic overdrive 700-R4 in Project Laguna. It’s a perfect match for the 622hp solid-roller 427ci small-block Chevy in the car, and the -geared 10-bolt out back. Our trans—which can handle well over 700 hp and has the perfect torque converter already—no need to start from scratch. All we wanted was control over the shifts , so when Powertrain Control Solutions (PCS) told us they had a perfect solution for our powertrain, we asked two questions: How well does it work, and how much is it ?

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